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Why us?

The Problem

Limited concentration on reducing health risks

Healthcare resources continue to be primarily utilized in the treatment of illness. No defined process exists to systematically identify and address all the factors that adversely impact individual achievement and maintenance of optimal health.

Provider overload

Providers are overwhelmed with unnecessary administrative workloads. This adversely impacts their ability to act on patient issues that are clinically relevant. Provider burnout rates are growing.

Patient participation

Patients have no efficient means to maintain their own comprehensive care plan record that incorporates relevant clinical data. No standardized process exists to monitor patient adherence to care plans across time.

Visit preparation

Too frequently, patient visits occur without all relevant information having been gathered in advance. This adversely impacts provider productivity, patient satisfaction and quality.

Relevant information

The system is fraught with data incoherencies and inadequate patient information being communicated across care settings and time.

Why us?

Our Mission

Promote collaboration

Enable providers, patients and payors to easily collaborate and maintain a comprehensive, longitudinal ledger of individual health needs, solutions and outcomes.

Deploy a process platform

Instilling clear insight into relevant patient data, drive workflow efficiency and profitability and facilitates patient compliance and optimal health outcomes.

Instill accountability

Enable providers, patients and payors to utilize the Care Plan Ledger as a means to assign responsibility for task completion in a project planning format for optimal health.

Our Services

  • Care Plan Ledgers
  • Advisory Services
  • Call Center
  • Integrated Assessments & Questionnaires
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Care Plan Ledgers

Through the aggregation of all available data sources, our CPLs provide a comprehensive means to longitudinally track patient needs and facilitate provider, patient and payor focus on optimal health achievement.

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Advisory Services

Assisting clients in the operationalization and embedding of resources to drive: more purposeful patient engagement; efficient quality measure satisfaction and; improved financial outcomes.

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Call Center

Our cost-effective, outreach professionals guarantee improvements in patient engagement. This enables providers to delegate non-clinical patient scheduling and engagement tasks to drive practice financial performance, better enable providers to work at top of license and increase patient participation.

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Integrated Assessments & Questionnaires

A library of clinically coded assessments and questionnaires that cleanly integrates into clinical data streams to drive a comprehensive story of patient wellness. These can be administered anywhere and accessed by patients, clinicians, and health care teams.

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